Nevada Grow Program Helping Small Business Grow Nevada

The Women's Chamber of Commerce of Nevada is proud to partner with the Nevada Grow program, which aims to help businesses in key strategic research areas, including:

· Initial diagnostic by counselors of business strategy

· Analysis of potential barriers or issues in your business model

· Customized data specific to the needs of the client

· Specific instruction on how to use the data

· Identifying new markets, industry trends and competitive intelligence

· Mapping of geographic areas for qualified sales leads

· Access to highly trained Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysts

· Raising visibility in search engine results and increasing website traffic

· Leveraging social media to better connect with customers

· Assistance from College of Southern Nevada professors with specific expertise in culinary, website design, and business

· Investment coaching or strategies for improved operational functions

This program also gives entrepreneurs access to Business Peer Learning Groups, where activities include roundtables with a diverse array of companies, group discussions and mentoring. Nevada Grow models the concept of Economic Gardening - connecting entrepreneurs to essential data, marketing, and business intelligence resources - to help companies build capacity and produce jobs. Under Assemblywoman Dina Neal’s leadership, Nevada Grow was officially enacted into law during the 2017 legislative session.

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