ATHENA Int’l Women’s Leadership Day Luncheon

ATHENA Int'l Women's Leadership Day Luncheon Friday, July 29, 2022

ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day Luncheon history

Supporting, Honoring, and Developing Women Leaders

Las Vegas, NV [Annually] The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada hosts the ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day Luncheon. This is a ‘meet and mentor’ program designed to connect emerging and established women leaders in our community. The premise of this program is simple: an established woman leader inviting emerging woman leaders as their guests to dine, meet other women leaders and share ideas about leadership. It goes beyond a networking event to provide an intimate forum for established and emerging women leaders to make meaningful and lasting connections with one another, bridging the gap.

ATHENA International Women's Leadership Day was created by ATHENA Award® Recipient and Board Chair Norma Rist to give back to a larger community of women and girls and encourage women leaders to extend a hand to one another. A key component of the

program is its incorporation of the ATHENA Leadership Model.

Today, in more ways and places than at any other time in human history, women are leaders. But what’s important isn’t just that women lead, what’s important is how women lead —let’s recognize this ‘women’s way’ for what it is: a distinctive, transforming approach to leadership. It goes beyond gender to speak to all who would lead in the 21st century,” says Martha Mertz, ATHENA International founder and author of Becoming ATHENA: Eight Principles for Enlightened Leadership.