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Brenda Gayle Bryant
Las Vegas, Nevada

Director of Education for the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada©

Money and Finance Coach, Business Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach BS, Certified Action Coach (by Coaching Firm International), Certified American Seminar Leader, Minority Business Award

I coach small business owners as they grow to the next level. I guide my clients to read and understand their financial data so they can make better management decisions.


About Me

Through my company, the gayle group, I coach, train, and consult with clients about financial literacy, management techniques, and business planning.

My clients want to know about MONEY—needing more of it; knowing what to do with it; understanding how it moves into and out of the business. For them, I $hamelessly promote financial intelligence so they can manage their money and not have their money manage them.

With 30 years of financial experience under my belt, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to train more than 400 small businesses, and numerous individual clients and families. My efforts have earned me multiple industry awards including being nominated for the Minority Small Business Award from the SBA and winning the award from the Nevada Women’s Chamber.


Please contact me and let's talk business | 702.360.4434

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