Women's Chamber of Commerce 
of Nevada

2300 W Sahara Ave #800,
Las Vegas, NV 89102

MONDAY - FRIDAY            10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Email: info@womenschamberofnevada.org

Phone: 702.733.3955

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Business Model

(Member and non-member recognition)

Typically we are a media business model, as a women’s state chamber and the only state chamber in Nevada, we are a powerful media organization and now recognized as a Historical Women’s State Chamber in 2014, with visibility all over the world. We have a story to tell as a historian for women in Nevada. We are unique and known as “Women’s State Chamber Trade Organization” a 501(C) (6) by IRS standards.


We sit at the nexus of the diversity business community, city, state and government. Our chamber has a history and will now celebrate fourteen years of strong leadership within our Board of Directors, Executive Board and councils. We also bring leadership programs to the community and members alike to enhance their business or career with the right contacts (Local, State, U.S., Internationally and Abroad) which is needed to be successful.


In 2016, we are implementing a higher education programs supporting women, underprivileged high school students (female). We are also setting up a postsecondary education grant program through our WCCNV Legacy Foundation 501(C) (3) to help women and college level students with trade and specialty schools as well as offering business certification. We also have mentoring programs to help network with likeminded professionals; our big event is in September each year has over 100+ women with outstanding business/inspirational speakers’ right here in our own community.


The most important thing to know: when you register with our Trade Organization 100% of the monies we receive for membership, corporate diversity, sponsorships, donations, and advertising never leaves our state, we are not an affiliate that sends seventy five percent of your investment money out of state, this gives you a great ROI and security with a community feeling.


As a chamber (State Trade Organization) we are trained to keep on the “Cutting Edge” of leadership, customer service, sales, media publications and education in an ever evolving society. We are in a digital and social media world so caution is needed, some media forums are good and some are not so good for our business communities around the US and internationally. Miss information is distributed everyday through social media (but not all). You have unskilled cyber people taking your hard earned money every day and giving poor service and the worst part of all this, you have no way of checking their references. Our chamber has its own media and digital avenues to help promote your business on a budget and we also have professional member references for you to contact. Just ask our leader who has a 38 year background in these areas, the founder of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada®.

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