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1000 printed copies

Readership: 7,425 based on 90 days

Shelf Life: Quarterly (90 Days)

Publication Update during COVID-19

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1,000 Print copies

Readership: 7,425 based on 90 days

Shelf Life: Quarterly (90 days)



Average readership per magazine 4.5

1000 copies x 4.5 readers per copy = 4,500 readers per issue 

4,500 readers per issue x 90 days = 405,000 more readers per issue

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New 2020/2021 readership:

  • Now marketed through Moz Blog, Google Webmaster, Search Engine land (stories)

  • Embedded across ISSUU 30 mil for magazine readers


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To advertise Next issue Fall 2020 (Octo/Nov/Dec)

  • Adv deadline Sept 1, 2020, for Prime Position July 30, 2020

  • Last Issue for 2020 (Meet the next 10 Influential Women in Nevada

  • For advertising only, call our media company ABC Publishing© VM Line 27/7 VM 702.252.2100

  • Or you can call the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada at 702.733.3955 M-F, 10am to 2pm

  • Or you can email us at adv@womenschamberofnevada.org

Women's Chamber of Commerce 
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No mail going to Chamber office During


Everyone is remote - Until further notice We are taking good care of our members and lining up our Webinars & Zoom with all our Directors

MAILING ADDRESS: 4441 Zev Court, Las Vegas, NV 89121 Chamber phone the same 702.733.3955


Appointments are by phone only due to the RISE of COVID-19 CASES. 702.733.3955 (We are experiencing high call volume) (If busy leave a detailed message) and the office administrator will call you back.

Or email us at wccnv2@womenschamberofnevada.org

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